Situational Identity Matrix

Who we are is largely determined by who we are around or where we are.  It is other people who help us understand who we are.  Once we establish our surroundings it gives us context to understand who we are in a given situation.  The Situational Identity Matrix allows us to accept our multiple identities while prioritizing, investing, and maximizing each one as we are in them.  The SIM model is an excellent way to dissect and discuss educational, work, family, athletics, and familial identities.  For a full preview of the Situational Identify Matrix click HERE.

Recent Presentations for College Football teams and staff:

Iowa State Cyclones

Boston College Eagles

University of Colorado Buffalos

University of Oregon Ducks

Arizona State University Sun Devils

NCAA Regional Life Skills Conferences (Phoenix and Atlanta)

Arizona Cardinals

Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.  A Man among Men, but indeed only a Man!

The greatest injustice we do to our historical leaders is to place them into the realm of the untouchable.  To often we deify the human and miss the opportunity to accept their humanness as evidence that anyone has within in them the profound ability to achieve the perceived unachievable.  This presentation exams Dr. King as a child, a college graduate, a new preacher in Montgomery, his ascension to the leadership of the Montgomery Improvement Association, his place within the Civil Rights movement, and the ultimate fragileness that all of us have as human, despite his prophetic achievements.  To watch my approach to speaking on the legacy of Dr. King click HERE.

Recent Presentations at:

City of Tempe MLK Diversity Awards Breakfast

City of Chandler MLK Diversity Lunch

Coastal Carolina University

Florida Atlantic University

Rutgers University

The Greek Bond of Brotherhood

The Greek community has produced countless leaders across the century.  Each indebted to the process of their fraternity or sorority for teaching them the highest ideals of leadership, brotherhood/sisterhood, organization, and individual achievement.  Essentially my premise is that Greek lettered organizations are beautiful, important, and tremendously relevant.  However. the question of our contemporary relevancy is a constant one and a valid one.  I seek to challenge external folk and their perceptions of Greek communities while holding a mirror to our collective selves and asking are we truly living up to the essence of our founders vision of who we are.  To see my approach to this powerful and important self exploration take a look HERE.